This is a fully automatic distilling plant capable of delivering distilled water continously. It is extremely compact and wail mounting type and hence does not occupy any floor space.

it consists of a boiling chamber with semisphericallid with water gasketing. condensing column is located at the middle of the boiiing chamber extending to a length of about 24' below the boiling chamber.


  • 2litres - 2000 Watts
  • 2litres - 4000 Watts
  • 2litres - 6000 Watts
  • 2litres - 8000 Watts


  • Pyrogen free distilled water
  • Heater Load Support in 3 Kw
  • Avg power capacity is 220/230 V A.C


    Applied for regular using by:

  • Steel Manufacturing unit
  • Ferrous and Alloy Steel Foundries process
  • Wire drawing Units
  • Quality Control Test laboratory process
  • used in Forging Units

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