Product Categories

1.Lab equipment :

Our comprehensive range of equipments contain B.O.D. Incubators, Laminar Sir Flow, Humidity Cabinet, Muffle Furnace, Heating Mantles, Centrifugal Machines, Magnetic Stirrer, Water Baths, VDRL Shaker, Water Still, Seed Germinators, Blood Bank Freezer, etc. Our business processes are guided by a sole objective of providing the scientific community with the highest quality laboratory, hospital and nautical instruments and equipments at the lowest possible prices. The quality of our products and services are widely recognized by our customers throughout the world. We offer a unique range of laboratory equipments widely used in hospitals laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacy collage, college labs, chemical industries, and what not! Our medical laboratory equipments are offered in various specifications to meet all requirements of laboratories. These are manufactured following the international quality standards and provide optimum performance. Exclusive range of our laboratory equipments are as mentioned below: Water Bath (With Digital Heating and Cooling): We offer digital water bath that remain an industry standard for precise control and quality of design. Our value-packed water baths are economical and yet provide exceptional performance and reliability required for most laboratory applications. Our company supplies these baths in a variety of sizes with both analog and digital controls and excellent temperature uniformity. Its chambers are made of rugged, seamless stainless steel, which is leak proof.

KSM has been one of the reputed manufacturers of industrial lab equipment in Chennai since several decades with a variety of products in our portfolio. They come in different shapes, specifications, sizes, and configurations. Our quality stands best in the industry and we have customers all over the world.

2.Industrial Ovens :

Industrial Ovens are instrumental in harmonizing chemical reactions, where the reacting substances need to heat at a definite temperature before becoming chemically active. Our Industrial ovens are predominantly supplied to pharmaceutical companies to cater the applications where chemical reactions have to be given a specific temperature for ignition. We provide Industrial Lab Equipments, which are reasonably priced and suit to customers expectations. Trolley Oven: We manufacture and supply customized Trolley Oven built in accordance with customers specific requirements. Our Industrial Oven Equipment will be provided with air circulation and better control system. Industrial Drying Ovens manufactured and supplied by our company are available at reasonable prices. TYPES OF OVENS:

  • Box Type Air Circulation Ovens

  • Trolley Type Ovens

  • Cross Flow Tray Driers, 12 Trays, 24 Trays, 48 Trays & 96 Trays

  • Conveyor Type Ovens

  • Deck Type Ovens

  • Cylindrical Ovens

  • Infra-red Ovens

  • Lab Type Ovens

  • Gas (LPG) Fired OvensConveyor type Epoxy Coating & Curing Unit for Granites/Marbles

  • Conveyor type Epoxy Coating & Curing Unit for Granites/Marbles

  • Cardamom and Paddy DriersTray Drier: Our range of Tray Driers can be availed at industry leading prices and these are widely used across various industrial Applications. Programmable Oven: Programmable Oven for Multiple programs with necessary Ramps/Soaks for specific requirements with air circulation and better control system. Technical/Constructional Details of Ovens (General): Outer Shell will be rigid/sturdy construction out of mild steel/ stainless steel with adequate reinforcements, double wall construction with glass wool insulation, hinged type door, Kanthal A1 heating elements, trays/trolleys, uniform air circulation system, the best temperature control/ PID/Program/record system with timers/hooters/alarm, finished in attractive colour paint/powder coating.

  • Superb Quality

  • Automatic temperature control system with PID/ Microprocessor based Controller

  • Efficient functioning with high performance

  • Fabulous offer

3.Industrial Furnaces :

We manufacture and supply a variety of Industrial Furnaces at affordable prices. These Industrial Furnaces are used for all heat treatment applications like Pre-heating, Tempering, Hardening, Mar Tempering Stress Relieving, Annealing, Normalising, Pack Carburizing, Gas Carburizing, Gas Nitriding, Bright Annealing, Vacuum Annealing, Sintering, Tiles Printing, Non-Ferrous Melting, Gold Melting, Soldering, Glass Fusing, Stove Enamelling, Laboratory and High Temperature Applications upto1400° C. Melting Furnaces: We are a specialized manufacturer and supplier of Melting Furnaces in stationary/tilting type/Bale-out melting furnaces for non ferrous metals such as Aluminum, Lead, Zinc and Gold. Our Heating Industrial Furnaces are designed and developed by qualified engineers having years of experience in this business arena. Other Types of Furnaces:

  • Chamber Type Muffle Furnace

  • Air Circulating Tempering Furnace Cylindrical /Box Type)

  • Pit Type Furnace for Annealing/Hardening/ Tempering & Normalizing

  • Pit Type Cylindrical Furnace for Wire Annealing

  • Pit Type Furnace for Gas Carburizing/Nitriding

  • Conveyor Type Bright Annealing Furnaces, with Ammonia Cracker Unit

  • Bogie Hearth Furnace for Stress Relieving, Normalizing and Foundry Application

  • Pit Type Vacuum Furnaces

  • Neutral Electrode Salt Bath Furnaces

  • Cyanide Salt Bath Furnaces

  • Resistance type Cylindrical Salt Bath Furnaces

  • Tubular Furnaces Vertical or Horizontal type

  • Chain Conveyor type Furnaces

  • Twin Chamber Furnaces

  • Split type Furnaces

  • Melting Furnaces for Aluminium, Zinc, Lead( Pot/Cruicible type)

  • Gold Melting Furnaces Cruicible Type

  • Laboratory Furnaces Box type/Cylindrical/Tubular type

  • Multi Zone Tunnel Kilns

  • Globar Furnaces up to Temp. 1500° C

  • Rotary Furnaces

  • Box Type Chamber Furnaces for Tiles PrintingLab Furnaces: Our Lab Furnaces are widely used in industrial laboratories. These Furnaces are available in Muffle type/Tubular Shape/Cylindrical shape according to specific requirements of clients. Rotary Furnace: Rotary furnaces are highly used in industrial applications for specific heat treatment. Bogie Furnace: Bogie Furnace is widely used for various applications such as annealing, normalizing, Tempering and hardening process etc. These furnaces can be availed at industry leading prices. Gas Carburizing Furnace: Sophisticated Gas Carburizing Furnaces for hardening, and other specific heat treatment with introduction of Isopropyl alcohol. Aluminum Annealing Furnace: Very useful furnace for Aluminum Annealing. This will be of Trolley/Box type with uniform air circulation system. Aluminum Melting Furnace: Our Aluminum melting furnaces are used for melting the nonferrous metals before casting them into other usable forms. Tubular Furnace: Tubular Furnace is mainly used in Laboratory/Research Centre for specific heat treatment.Technical/constructional details of furnaces (general): Rigid and sturdy construction out of thicker gauge M. S. Sheets/Plates and Angle reinforcements to avoid stress or strain during operation. Sophisticated insulation packing with Hysil Blocks, Ceramic Pads, Ceramic Boards, Ceramic Fibre, Special type Insulation Bricks and Hot Face Kynite Bricks, etc depend upon the temperature requirement. Heating of the Furnaces will be affected by means of imported quality Kanthal A1/Nichrome/Kanthal AF wire in coil form. Best temperature control system with on-off/PID/Program Controllers/Recorders/Timers etc. to suit the application. Air Circulation System, Trolley with Railing Arrangement, Retort, and Stainless Steel Baffle etc. can be provided as per specific requirement. Furnaces will be finished in Heat Resistant Aluminum Paint whereas Control Panel will have attractive color powder coat finish.Features/Safety Devices

  • Temperature controller will have thermocouples fails safety device.

  • Safety controller with alarm will be provided for over temp protection.

  • Interlocking system will be provided between fan and heaters in the case for air circulation system, so that unless the motor gets start, the heaters will be energized.

  • Door will be provided with limit switch to cut off the power supply when it is opened, likewise this will safe guard to the operator.

  • Prompt after sales service.

  • Trouble free operation and easy maintenance.

  • Superb quality and fabulous offer.

  • All equipment's are guaranteed against manufacturing defects, if any, for a period of 12 months from the date of supply

4.Heating Elements :

Proving ourselves as one of the leading names in manufacturing and supplying of premium quality Heating Elements, we have gained high reputation for offering defect free Electric Heating Elements. We manufacture and supply a wide range of Heating Elements such as SILIT, EKL, Silicon Carbide Heating Elements, Globar, and Crusilite. Available in various dimensions, these elements are widely used in various laboratory applications. They are also used today in the melting of non-ferrous metals and glasses, heat treatment of metals, float glass production, production of ceramics and electronics components, etc.

Thermocouples are sensors applied for measuring temperature, they are heavily used in various industries such as power, oil, and gas, pharma, biotech, steel, cement, and paper. There are different types of thermocouples for various temperature ranges and accuracy. Thermocouples are inexpensive and durable in nature, so they are utilized in gas turbines, diesel engines, kilns and safety devices. They also find place in domestic appliances such as stoves, ovens, and toasters.

5.Ceramic Wares for Furnaces / Ovens :

KSM is identified as one of the most reliable manufacturers and exporters of Ceramic Ware which are specially used for furnaces and ovens. We have achieved a respected position amongst the leading manufacturers and exporters of Industrial Ceramic Wares for furnaces and ovens. We are equipped with all the relevant facilities that are essential for in time delivery of our product. You are cordially invited to conduct a healthy business deal for our reasonably priced product.