Double door / trolley Oven

We manufacture Trolley Type Oven with trolleys for placing products. it has been manufactured as per the client requirements Our trolley types industrial oven can have automatic or manual trolley movement. this types of trolley-type Ovens are of premium quality heavy-duty construction, with roof-mounted components it can reduce the coverage space of this oven. Our Industrial Oven can have a single door or double leaf door it also can be operated automatically through the remote control panel.

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  • There are different types of industrial ovens for curing, baking, drying, batch, reflow and conveyor ovens. Industrial ovens are manufactured with a variety of temperature configurations, sizes, and specifications. They are mainly used for heat treatment processes and because of their inexpensive and non-polluting nature, usage is high in several industries. Food production, chemical processing, and electronics are some of the industries that use industrial ovens.
  • KSM stands as one of the major manufacturers of electronic temperature controllers in Chennai with a variety of products in our portfolio. They come in different shapes, specifications, sizes, and configurations.Our quality stands best in the industry and we have customers all over the world.